Featured in El Tecolote Newspaper, a biweekly publication with a circulation of 10,000, and the longest running Spanish/English bilingual newspaper in California, Pasa La Pluma is a column that was created to provide women of color a platform to collaborate with one another, have their work spotlighted and ultimately, PUBLISHED!  



The revolution will not be televised: Women share their truths during media blackout

Gabriela Alemán is joined by Nicaraguan community organizers, Joshua Bermudez, and Maria Cruz.   Collectively they share their personal narratives and reactions to President Ortegas censorship of Nicaraguan youth peaceful protests that turned violent following the student organized protests of April 19, 2018.

Take it from a first generation Central American: Your Voice Matters 

In the FIRST installment of Pasa La Pluma, Gabriela Alemán writes a homage to her Salvadoran mother and Nicaraguan father.

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